Riding the currents in Wales

MidWalesA March bikepacking trip in mid Wales put the rider who calls himself ‘Composite’ through his early-season paces. “I knew what I needed and knew Wales would deliver,” he says in his report. The overnighter also marked his first stay in a mountain bothy, where he “wasted no time in getting the fire going. Some kind soul had left news paper and kindling so I only needed to cut up some larger logs to get myself set for the evening.” Read it or view it – there is also a video here.

Kokopelli’s trail – and winter’s end!

KokopelliKokopelli’s trail in Colorado and Utah seems to enjoy increasing popularity among bikepackers. “There aren’t many stars out,” says Montana. “I pull on my riding shoes, snap my iPhone onto the stem and turn on the GPS app. Alright, it’s Monday night, I need to be back here by Friday morning to get to work. That should be fine.” His report marks first stirrings of spring here on Trails and Tours. Is your kit ready? Got a plan for next weekend? You kept fit during the cold months? Let the season commence…

Roadtripping New Zealand

NewZealandIt is hard to deny that a road tour can be just as fulfilling as a trail adventure when you read Wade Wallace’s report about Roadtripping New Zealand. It all started with an email and led Wade to “the magnificent South Island to explore the quiet roads, turquoise lakes, towering mountains.” We also noted this inspiring detail: “Queenstown airport has a bike assembly area with a work-stand (such an awesome typical Kiwi thing to do) which made it easy and convenient to get our bikes together.”

Technical problems solved

SiteWe have been experiencing a few technical problems. Accordingly, Trails and Tours has been slow or even unavailable for periods of time over the past few days. The cause of the problems has now been pinpointed, and we are confident that performance and reliability are back to normal – and will remain so. We apologise for any inconvenience these difficulties have caused. On the positive side, however, the solution we have found should also speed the site up considerably in future.

Fatbiking along Oregon’s coast

OregonIt seems that bikepacking is going mainstream at last. The National Geographic Adventure Blog has a report titled Fatbiking 100 Miles Along Oregon’s Coast – posted in December and embarrassingly overlooked here on Trails and Tours. Steve Graepel is the author, who summarise the experience with these words: “In three days time we covered 100 miles by foot, bike, and by packraft, weaving the mind numbing with the mind-blowing, juxtaposing some of my best riding ever with some of the worst.”